Cincinnati Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2017

How to design a bathroom renovation that will be on trend, stand the test of time, and give you want you want? While it’s never good to dominate your renovation with super trendy styles, knowing what is trending now can lead you to an exciting new look that you will love. And now, more than ever, it’s possible to combine great design and style with functionality and budget consciousness.

Here are a few Cincinnati trends to consider:

  1. Clean Lines, Minimalist Design – simple cabinetry and clean lines are stronger than ever. Shaker styles and Mid Century Modern are the growing looks of choice.
  2. Free-Standing Tubs – Reversing the trends of shower-only master baths, adding a free-standing tub – claw-foot or even a modern soaking tub – is a trend that will hold in popularity.
  3. Dedicated Vanity – Space for a mini-table and stool gives you the opportunity for punch of personality. Floating vanities are also rising in popularity.
  4. Statement Faucets – Sleek or creative faucets can bring a modern look to your bathroom. One beautiful piece can make the entire room. Or consider the space-saving wall-mounted faucet, particularly useful in small bathrooms.
  5. Eco-Friendly Features – Water-saving features are now routine – from water-saving toilets to environmentally-friendly shower-heads and faucets. Finding your style while saving water is easier than ever.
  6. Tile – Geometrical, octagon and patterned tiles are strong trends this year. With different patterns and colors, your choice will make a big statement. And don’t rule out mixing patterns – it’s the hot trend for 2017.
  7. Bold/Unusual Lighting – Same-old, same-old vanity lighting is over. Lighting options today can meet most any personality and style. Today, great lighting is possible for any budget. (and great lighting is money well-spent!)
  8. Color Schemes – While whites and grays dominant bathroom color palettes, blues and even violets and purples are trending up this year.
  9. Sink Styles – The popularity of vessel sinks is on the decline, being replaced by undermount sinks. And interesting emerging trend is for trough sinks.

These are just a few of what we’re seeing in 2017. Contact us and let us help you navigate the endless possibilities on your way to the perfect bathroom renovation. It’s what we know. It’s what we do. Call us today.