Our process is... Give us a call us at (513) 821-7464

On the Phone

On the Phone

It all starts with a phone conversation. "remember it is not a sales call, it's a fact finding mission!"

Let me answer your questions about us! Tell me what you are looking for!

I have some questions such as... What part of town are you in? How old is your home? Is there a problem? What would you like to do? How did you find us? Have you looked at fixtures and products? When would like for me to come over?

When I come to your home, We can talk about your likes and what you have been thinking about. I will make notes and sketch of the area. I will measure for distance and sizes and take photographs of the existing space and effected areas.

At your Home

At your Home

Let's look at the project! "Remember it is not a sales call, it's a fact finding mission!"Show me any problem areas so I can note and be sure to address the things that are needed.

What are some of the things you want? Do you have any pictures from Pinterest or Houzz? Keep in mind that Better quality products and that intricate projects require more time and a knowledgeable and quality minded installer! We have both!

I'm here to help you with putting together some ideas and get some thoughts on pricing. I will make notes and a sketch of the area with distances and sizes. I will take some photographs of the existing space. We can talk about your likes and what you have been thinking about.

Today, I can give you some ideas on products and pricing, but I won't be able to give you a really good price until I sit down and make a list of everything that needs to be done and consider the time it takes to do them.

Back at the Office

Back at the Office

I will create a proposal of all the things that we will need to accomplish and what the investment would be. I will include allowances of what you can expect to spend on tile, faucets, cabinets and countertops.

I will send you the proposal in an E-mail PDF, form. If you're ready to move ahead let's start at our showroom!

Call me and we can set a time to meet! Evenings and Saturday Mornings are great day for this.

At the showroom

We can look at faucets, fixtures, cabinets and countertops. We'll discuss patterns, configurations and design. I can show you the materials and products used to get a great installation. I want to give you information, enough that you can make great decisions on your choice of product and contractor. From this information I can fine tune the costs and charges and I will revise the proposal accordingly.

When you are ready to get started, you will know that our knowledge of materials and how we can work with them, you will choose Baths Plus to be your project manager & contractor!