High Quality Standards in the Remodeling Industry

High Quality Standards in the Remodeling Industry

Best Craftsmen for Your Cincinnati Home Remodel

At Baths Plus, we pride ourselves in only hiring the absolute best craftsmen we can find. We attend product and industry seminars to learn about products and methods. Why? Because your home and your family are just too important. Let me explain...

In home remodeling, even a mistake as small as 1/16th of an inch can have disastrous consequences. Have you ever seen what happens when snow and rain seep in behind a window that was not installed correctly? That kind of damage can go unnoticed for years – by the time you notice it's too late because the majority of the damage has already occurred behind the wall where you can't see it.

The reason I bring this up is that a craftsman recognizes these mistakes – sometimes even before they happen – they don't cover it up or try to hide it, they fix it PERIOD. But it goes deeper than that. You are trusting us to remodel your home. This is where your friends and family will eat, sleep and play. You are trusting us with your well-being and safety. We know it, and we respect it. At the end of the day, we all want to go home and be proud of the work we did and look our family in the eye. It's why we hold ourselves to a higher standard and why we absolutely deliver the best possible value for your hard earned money.

Give us a call today and experience a company where it really is all about you.

Quality Home Renovation Products

While renovating your home in Cincinnati, Baths Plus uses quality products and standards to get the job done within your budget and on time!

  • We are committed to continued education of products and installation methods.
  • All products are certified and installed to ANSI specs and/or national and local codes.
  • All insulation replaced with care and additional insulation added where needed.
  • All tile shower areas are waterproofed before tiling using the Schluter-Kerdi shower system and Schluter Ditra flooring system, guaranteed not to retain water and drain properly.
  • All faucets and toilets are installed with new shut-off valves, trap and braided supply lines, eschuteon plates, brass bolts and gasket wax ring.

Baths Plus, one Team, working with you to design and plan your project for a timely completion and taking responsibility with proper amounts, sizes and finishes, installed clean, to ANSI specifications and National code.