Today's Trends & Classic Designs

Classic design can be Contemporary or Traditional, and we can mix them too! There's a lot to be said for doing a little homework before you embark on a bathroom remodel. This applies to style trends as well as to products - you don't want your bathroom to look dated in a couple of years because design is moving in a different direction.

As a leading Cincinnati remodeler of bathrooms, we know how important it is to stay at the forefront, in terms of both quality and style. Our company has identified several trends that are gaining momentum in bathroom design, and it pays to take notice if you are planning a project.

Firstly, note that cost-effective multifunctional products with universal applications are a significant trend. Flexible designs that suit a range of decor styles make it easier to create a unified look. Focus on versatile, easily coordinated products.

It is crucial to have durable, high-quality fixtures with an enduring, easily coordinated style, especially due to the growing need to maximize home resale value. The ideal is a balance of personal preference and universality - a widely appealing decor increases selling opportunities.

Simple, clean designs can integrate with modern and transitional spaces. A range of finishes makes it possible to further personalize the bathroom, while maintaining a cohesive look. The more modern, minimalist fixtures become transitional in a finish such as brushed nickel, while traditional finishes can be used as a counterpoint to sleek, contemporary designs.

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